Do you ever wish your fingers could play the music you hear in your head?

I totally get it. 


Years of practice left me frustrated with slow progress, unable to achieve the depth I craved in my piano playing.

Everything changed when I met an _extraordinary college teacher_with game-changing methods. Her simple, yet effective practice techniques transformed my playing.

I was playing less wrong notes and I was able to play with the level of expression and quality that I desired.

Having coached thousands of adult piano players, I now have a proven roadmap for giving you this transformation as well.

👉🏼 It’s possible for YOU to play with more musical expression as well.

You just need to learn HOW to practice. 

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Free Resources

To help you transform the way you practice. 


Speed Reader

A FREE Workshop replay where you'll learn the 3 simple steps to increase your sight reading accuracy so that you can play with more accuracy and expression.

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Youtube Channel

Hundreds of FREE video trainings to help you learn to practice smarter, not harder. Make sure to subscribe for helpful content on a weekly basis! 

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Piano Practice Lab

A FREE, live, 4-day event where you'll design a weekly practice routine that accelerates your trajectory towards confident, musical expression.

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Courses and Programs

Secrets To Sight Reading

What if you knew exactly how to practice sight reading so that the music flowed out of you?

Secrets To Sight Reading is a proven method that helps piano players master the art of sight reading so you can play with more expression and fewer wrong notes, every time.

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Casual to Confident Piano Player 

Know exactly how to practice to gain the musicality you’ve always dreamed of - guaranteed.

Casual to Confident Piano Player is the proven roadmap that transforms the way you practice to unveil the music inside of you. 

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FREE Practice Planner  

If you're not pre-planning your practice, you're missing out on a simple way to make it more effective and efficient. 

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The Best Practice Tools

Don't waste time and money with resources that don't work. Check out the resources I use and recommend.

Books to Read


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Tools for Effective Practice 


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Proper Setup


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