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even if you’ve been at it for years!

Is Your Progress SLOW?


Do you feel like no matter how much you practice, you still play a ton of wrong notes?

Do sit down to play and even though you played well yesterday, today it’s like you never practiced at all?

If you want to express yourself through the music...but you’re getting stuck with pauses in your playing, wrong notes, rhythm issues, and a lack of musicality, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Ashlee and I’ve helped thousands of adults improve their piano playing so that they could express themselves at the piano and play beautifully.

When you learn how to practice smarter (not harder) so that you retain information between practice sessions and so that you can make progress during every practice session, your playing is elevated and your whole life changes.

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The biggest results with the simplest methods.

With weekly live group classes and a Training Vault with 10 modules of lessons to address the most common issues adult piano players have, you’ll always have the answers at your fingertips.

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Casual to Confident Piano Player

Play beautifully by learning how to practice smarter, not harder.

Most of your time spent at the piano is by yourself, regardless of your goals or how many lessons you have each week. What you do during practice matters. It matters so much, that it actually makes or breaks your ability to play beautifully.

You don’t need to commit a huge amount of time to your practice. It’s all about consistency and simplicity.

Inside Casual to Confident Piano Player, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Take your goals and turn them into a routine that is sustainable and fits into your schedule and lifestyle
  • Apply Revolutionary Practice Methods to solve ANY problem you’re experiencing in your playing, FOR GOOD
  • Troubleshoot and fix the most common issues that come up with rhythm, technique, musicality, performance, mindset, and more

It’s time to elevate your musicality and make your goals your reality.


What Do You Get Inside the program?

Access to: The Training Vault, Confidence on Demand, One-On-Ones, Live Group Classes, and the world’s most encouraging and compassionate piano community of like minded piano players connecting on the beauty of music

10 Modules that address the most common areas where you're getting stuck.  


Module 1: Setting Goals

Get clarity on your long term and short term goals. It’s important to start here and actually take the time to write these goals down and give them some thought. This helps to keep you motivated and prepares you for module 2. 

Module 2: Creating Your Routine

A practice routine can be flexible and completely customized to your life and your needs. It doesn’t need to be long, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Most people think that setting a routine is rigid and strict. In fact, it allows for more flexibility. You learn how to adjust and adapt your routine as you learn and grow as a piano player.

Module 3: Mastering Nonsense of the Mind

Most people don’t realize how much of a role growth mindset plays in improving at the piano.  In this section you learn the difference between growth and fixed mindset, and you get some concrete tools to help you stay in a growth mindset so that you can make faster progress and so that the journey is more enjoyable.

Module 4: Technique for Making Music

Technique is often over complicated. You don’t need technical exercises or large chunks of time devoted to working on technique in order to progress in this area. Technique is not a separate area of work that’s added on top of other practice. I teach you how to use the pieces you’re working on to make improvements in your playing so that you can play the pieces you want to play. 

Module 5: Musicality Methods

There are simple revolutionary practice methods that take the ambiguous topic of ‘musicality’ and make it concrete. You will learn these methods in this section and how to apply them so that your playing is musical, expressive, and emotional. 

Module 6: Rhythm Bootcamp

Rhythm is sneaky because it is often the culprit behind lack of hand coordination, pauses in playing, and issues with accuracy. In this module you learn how to use the metronome, how to count out loud, and that combo will make you unstoppable. 

Module 7: Revolutionary Practice Methods that Change Everything

No more time spent playing things over and over hoping things will improve. These methods get you results. Period. Your practice will get you results every single time and you’ll retain things you learn with these methods.

Module 8: Tackling Performance Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous to play in front of others. The good news is that you’re not alone. Casual to Confident is encouraging, compassionate, and safe. Concrete revolutionary practice methods can make performance anxiety feel a little less intense and can open you up to faster progress through the practice of sharing music regularly. 

Module 9: Zooming in and Out

When should you drill small sections? When should you play through the whole piece? How often should you do each? That’s the skill of knowing when to zoom in, vs when to zoom out. Learn the difference, why both are helpful, and when to utilize each.

Module 10: Evaluating Your Own Playing

If you can listen to your own playing and recognize how things are going (without involving the ego), you will know exactly were to practice to make things sound better. Learn to tune in and pay attention so that you can guide yourself through your practice sessions with a musical ear and a knowledgeable mind.

The Group Classes

Every single week you’ll get the opportunity to get coaching on your playing or answers to your questions. These classes are LIVE, which means that you get the exact answers you need in the exact moment you need them. These classes are very similar to private lessons because you get one-on-one feedback and attention, but in a group setting.

Your piece doesn’t need to be polished and you are welcome to play a small section of a larger piece. You can also bring a totally new piece and learn the best way to start without practicing in any mistakes.

Come as you are, at your current level, and learn the Revolutionary Practice Methods that you need to play beautifully.

The most common feedback about the group classes is that people don’t realize just how much they can learn through watching others play and get feedback. Not only do you learn when you play, you also learn by observation (in BIG ways).



Confidence on Demand

Upon joining, you instantly get access to videos of every single group class that has ever taken place inside Casual to Confident Piano Player.

This library of Confidence on Demand will ensure that you never go without answers.

Past classes cover topics ranging from practice motivation, rhythmic issues, piano technique lessons, musicality work, and so much more. 

You’ll watch students of all levels play pieces from all genres and see exactly how Ashlee helps them work through specific issues.

These videos will leave you inspired and excited to jump into your practice with the new knowledge you’ve acquired. 

50+ hours of past group classes and that number grows each week, plus bonus challenges, workshops, and trainings.



Sometimes, you just need a little extra face time.

When you join Casual to Confident, meet with Ashlee for 30 minutes one-on-one to dig deep into your goals so that she can help you design a practice routine that works for you.

You can bring ANY issue to these one on ones as they are meant to ensure that you’re getting exactly what YOU need.

You get 3 one-on-ones throughout the year. One when you join, one at 6 months, and one at 11 months.


Magic happens when you show up to a group class and see that other people are struggling with the same issues as you and that you are not alone.

In Casual to Confident Piano Player we have participants from all over the world.

Learning in a community is the most effective way to make progress quickly, and the Casual to Confident Piano Player community is the best piano community that exists.

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“I am loving Casual to Confident. I’ve made real progress on the pieces that I want to play. The group classes provide me with accountability and motivation that keep me practicing regularly and have helped me realize that I’m ACTUALLY making progress. Casual to Confident has taught me how to count out loud, use a metronome, and now I really appreciate this skill. My favorite part of Casual to Confident is the group classes. I was surprised to find out just how much I learn from watching other people play and get feedback from Ashlee. Our struggles are so similar and it’s such a fun and supportive community. I highly recommend investing in yourself if you want to enjoy your time at the piano."

Juliya Reed

“Casual to Confident Piano Player has helped my piano playing so much in the last few months. My progress has been HUGE. I started playing as an adult and it has brought up my musicality so much. Being able to play in front of people AND have one on one attention has been huge. I’ve learned about fingerings, dynamics, and all the details that I was missing. Getting all of that stuff in my head has made me so much more confident. It’s also fun, encouraging, and it’s been a life changer for me. It’s not a huge time commitment, Ashlee will work with whatever you need."

Dawnell Baise



Have you ever felt like you’re missing something that everyone else seems to know? Like no matter how hard you work, you are not able to express the deep meaning behind the music because you play too many wrong notes and make too many mistakes?

If so, then Casual to Confident is perfect for you.

We will help you focus in on exactly what you need to do to increase your accuracy and musicality at the piano. Once you know how to practice to get results, we'll teach you how to connect with that deep part of yourself that desires to express.

If you’re still unsure if Casual to Confident Piano Player is for you, book a FREE 15 minute call with Ashlee to find out.

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