Play BEAUTIFULLY by learning how to practice SMARTER, not harder. Even if youve been at it for years!

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I practice ALL THE TIME and it’s SO FRUSTRATING there are still a ton of mistakes when I play….”


“I know how I want it to sound but when I play through the piece there are tons of pauses and it really throws me off…”


“I can’t even think about the musicality or emotions in the music because all of the mistakes I make when I play are so overwhelming…”


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these statements…and even said them myself. 

Notes, rhythm, musicality, technique, dynamics, articulation…


...there are SO MANY things to think about when playing the piano, and because you are smart, detail oriented, and a go-getter, you want to do all of these things welland there are so many that it can feel defeating.


You have a deep connection to the music, but you’re getting stuck in all of the complicated details and that makes the progress feel slow or even non existent.


You don’t HAVE to be stuck in this cycle of hard work, lots of practice, and small amounts of progress.


I’m Ashlee and I’ve spent the last 19 years helping people play beautiful music by learning how to practice SMARTER, not harder..
I absolutely LOVE inspiring and empowering people to have success so that they can express their unique brilliance.
I have a master’s degree in piano performance and I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours practicing, playing, teaching and refining my process to be as effective and efficient as possible - so that you don’t have to figure it out all on your own.

Hey, there!

Imagine If...

You could play beautifully and accurately WITHOUT committing more time to practice. 

You could sound more musical in your playing NOW by learning how to practice smarter, not harder.

You felt confident in your abilities.

You could connect to that deep part inside your self and express more through your music.

You have clarity on exactly how to practice to get results.

You have a better sense of rhythm and a strong internal pulse so you feel confident in your rhythmic abilities.

You are excited, inspired, and empowered because you know what you are doing and the process is clear, simple, and concise. 



access to the casual to confident piano player training vault

3 one one one lessons with Ashlee

personalized help with goal and routine setting

weekly instruction on technique, musicality, and more

Inside the Casual to Confident Piano Player Program, you will:

Get clear on exactly what you are working toward in the short and long term so that you can be effective and efficient with your practice time.

Develop a piano practice routine that works for you. You don’t need more practice time. You simply need to know which practice methods are effective and efficient

Gain confidence by improving your mindset and realizing your full potential. You CAN do this. You are so much better than the thoughts in your head tell you that you are.

Play musically with a deeper knowledge of proper technique, dynamic control, expert hand coordination, and rhythm skills that anyone would be jealous of.

Know EXACTLY what to do to fix repeated mistakes in your playing so that your unique brilliance is never overshadowed by wrong notes or pauses.

Inside you get...

The Live Classes

Get support with ANY issues that you are having AND connect with others that are along the same journey as many as 8 times each month.


You can use these group classes for whatever you need. Ask questions, play and get individual attention and instruction, or observe other people play and let the feedback that they get sink in on a deep level for you so that you can learn through their lessons as well.

The Training Vault


This is GOLD!


Inside the training vault there are 10 modules with videos, pdf’s, audio files, and MORE to help you work through the most frustrating and common problems that you encounter in your piano playing. 

The training that is available in this vault is not available anywhere else.


The Community

Get answers and feedback at any point — so you’re never left hanging between classes 


You don’t ever have to feel lost or confused during your practice again. 

Get access to an AMAZING community of peers and support from me along every step of your piano playing journey. 


Think you might be a good fit?


 ONE ON ONE 30 minute

PRIVATE lessons 

Sound better NOW.

The Casual to Confident Piano Player program simplifies it all.

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