Sound better NOW without practicing more than you already are.

“I practice all the time but it’s not sounding better….”
“I know what I want it to sound like but I’m not sure how to get it there….”
“I drilled all the tough spots and when I tried to play it through there were still tons of mistakes….”
Do any of these sound familiar?! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these statements…and even said them myself. 
Piano practice can feel complicated and overwhelming. Even though there’s music inside of you, it can be really difficult to know how to get your hands to make the beautiful music you are capable of making. 
The good news is that it doesn’t HAVE to be complicated. 

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I’m Ashlee and I’ve spent the last 19 years helping people simplify the process of learning how to play the piano. I absolutely LOVE inspiring and empowering people to create the beautiful music that is inside of them. I have a master’s degree in piano performance and I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours refining the process of practicing and learning piano to help people practice and sound BETTER. 

Hey, there!

Imagine If...

You could play accurately WITHOUT committing more time to practice. 

You could sound more musical in your playing NOW by learning how to practice smarter, not harder.

You felt confident in your abilities.

You could connect to that deep part inside your self and express more through your music.

You have clarity on exactly how to practice to get results.

You have a better sense of rhythm and a strong internal pulse so you feel confident in your rhythmic abilities.

You are excited, inspired, and empowered because you know what you are doing and the process is clear, simple, and concise. 

You can do all of this


access to the casual to confident piano player training vault


personalized instruction

access to an experT pianist

With the Casual to Confident Piano Player you will be able to:

Get clear on your goals and exactly how to reach them.

Develop a piano practice routine that works for you. You can be effective and efficient WITHOUT adding more practice time.

Gain confidence with your piano practice and piano playing by improving your mindset.

Learn how to play more musically using proper technique and better rhythm.

Understand EXACTLY how to practice to fix repeated mistakes in your playing.

Rock a song from the beginning stages of learning it, ACCURATELY.

Love your piano practice AND start to master your craft. 

Inside you get...

Over 8 LIVE Classes Per Month

Attend as many as you’d like and access ALL THE REPLAYS!

The Casual to Confident Piano Player Training Vault

So that you can have guidance and direction during every single practice session.

Supportive Community 

Get answers and feedback at any point — so you’re never left hanging between classes 


 ONE ON ONE 30 minute

PRIVATE lessons 

Improve Your Piano Practice 

The Casual to Confident Piano Player program simplifies everything.


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