Play beautifully by learning how to practice smarter, not harder, even if you’ve been at it for years!


“I cannot believe the results in such a short amount of time...


I tried the “Revolutionary Practice Methods” and they WORKED. I’ve cut down my practice time because I don’t waste time.

Most importantly, I can do the thing I’ve been wanting to do - JUST PLAY THE PIANO

So if anyone was wondering...I didn’t think that all the things Ashlee said were possible and now here I am recommending her program and it’s only been a month since I joined."

Angela A.

“It's worth every penny...


Before Casual to Confident Piano Player I spent $1,200 on another program with no success. 

As a piano teacher with about 40 students, my life is very hectic and I was struggling to make time to practice and wanted to break through the plateau that I had reached in my playing. 

In Casual to Confident Piano Player, I’ve learned how to break my practice down for better results and I have more confidence. 

I highly recommend Casual to Confident Piano Player! 

Heather F. 

Playing your piece over and over again will never lead to true musical expression.


When you discover the foundations of effective and efficient piano practice, accuracy, consistency, and musicality become inevitable


Transform the way you practice to unveil the music inside of you.

Learn to structure your practice sessions and accelerate your trajectory using methods that amplify your results.


Do you ever feel like it might be impossible for you to play the piano beautifully?


I totally get it. I spent years practicing for hours each so that I could achieve a deep level of expression through music. 


I often felt like I was wasting my time.


My piano playing didn’t reflect the quality and depth that I desired. 


Everything changed for me when I connected with an incredible teacher in college and her methods were unlike anything I had experienced before. She taught me practice methods that yielded results every time.


I was finally able to connect to the music and play with the level of expression and quality that I had been trying to achieve. 


I have now worked with thousands of skilled piano players from all over the world teaching them how to practice with methods that accelerate their trajectory to musicality.


When you learn to be effective and efficient in your piano practice, you gain freedom and fluidity.

"When I joined Casual to Confident Piano Player I started seeing changes quickly and I had a new influx of motivation.


Piano brings me joy, happiness and sanity.  Being able to stay motivated and come to the piano consistently is everything to me.

I learn so much from observing Ashlee work with others in the group.  It helps me with inspiration, but it also reminds me of areas I've struggled in before, and I can approach those areas with new perspective.

Casual to Confident Piano Player is the best way to prioritize piano in one's life and stay connected in the piano community while continually working on improvement!"

Juliya R.

"Casual to Confident Piano Player is a great investment and I would encourage you to just pay to join...


If you want to be able to play in front of people with more musicality, it is totally worth it.

I have a degree in music therapy and even after all of my college classes and private lessons I still lacked confidence and musicality before I joined. I still get nervous playing in the group classes, but it’s a safe space and I learn more every time I do it. 

My practice time used to pass so slowly and I would be looking at the timer thinking, ‘how much longer do I HAVE to practice’ and now the time flies by and I end up practicing more than I intended because I am enjoying myself. 

Join now if you want to play with more musicality."

Dawnell B.

Inside You Get:

The Group Classes

Come as you are, up to 2x a week, at your current level, to the LIVE group classes and discover the Casual to Confident Methods that will accelerate your progress and unveil the music inside of you.

Casual to Confident Vault

Videos and PDFs that help you discover how to Master the art of practicing so that you get results every time you sit down at the piano.

The Community

Learning in a community is the most effective way to amplify your results, and the Casual to Confident Piano Player community is the best piano community in the world.

Confidence on Demand

With access to a digital library of live class replays, you will never go without answers.


The Casual to Confident Method

The Head Work

Your path to musical expression is accelerated when you discover the foundational concepts that make practice effective and efficient before you even sit down at the piano.

  • Gain clarity on your goals to ensure that your practice routine is designed to accelerate your trajectory towards those goals. 
  • Overcome the most common “nonsense of the mind” issues that prevent you from truly digging deep and expressing the music.


The Hand Work

It becomes simple to amplify your progress at the piano when you master the art and science of practicing.

  • Learn to utilize proper piano technique so that you can consistently get the most beautiful sound out of the piano.
  • Master the practice methods that amplify your results every time you practice and ensure that musicality becomes inevitable. 
  • Play through your pieces with consistent accuracy by eliminating your rhythm struggles (even if that sounds impossible).

The Heart Work

By exploring your connection to yourself and others through music, you strengthen your ability to play with emotion.

  • Practice this often and your entire world changes (even if it sounds terrifying). 
  • Experience the joy of being in the flow as you work through the vulnerable lessons of piano playing alongside other piano players that are walking the same path as you. 
  • Gain the FREEDOM to do what you’ve been trying to do, just PLAY.

"Before joining Casual to Confident Piano Player I struggled to play consistently...


and learning new pieces took a long time, even though I was enrolled in private lessons.

Initially I was hesitant to join but once realized that I could attend TWO lessons a week, whether or not I was playing during those lessons, it wasn’t a question anymore.

It’s so meaningful to have a community to talk with about music. I’ve learned how to practice slow (it really does make a difference)! And I can now (unexpectedly) say that the metronome is my friend!

Ashlee is an excellent teacher and Casual to Confident Piano Player has had a very positive impact on my life."

Diane W.



"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be able to sit down and play a piece of music with confidence…


But with a roadmap for success in Casual to Confident Piano Player, I do it regularly now. The venue of online learning is less time consuming that a driving for a one-on-one lesson.

Ive become wonderful friends with the other members of the community! I am as mentally invested in their progress as I am my own now!

They are encouraging to me, they build me up and inspire me and cheer me on! I know that this valuable community wouldn’t be available to me in private lessons

I am also learning so much as Ashlee is giving others their tailored next steps in the group classes.

Join now and you won’t regret it."

Melissa M. 





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