You can make beautiful music on the piano NOW by practicing smarter, not harder.

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I’m Ashlee and I help piano players play beautiful music by learning how to practice smarter, not harder (even if you’ve been at it for years)! 


I believe that music has the power to bring people together to recognize our shared humanity, if we let it. 


I have an extensive background in performance and competitions. I haveplaced in the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition, the Liberace Piano Competition, the VSA Arts International Young Soloist Award, the Coeur D’Alene Young Artist Competition, the Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras Competition, the State and Divisional Levels of the Music Teachers National Association, and went on to be one of only seven in the country to make it to the national level of the competition.  I have performed at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.  


Enjoy my free tips and tutorials on my YouTube channel, instagram, and in my Facebook group!

Wooden Piano

The Casual to Confident Piano Player Program

In order to be a beautiful piano player, you need to have:

A clear, short, and simple practice routine.

A set of specific practice methods that work.

A person to guide you to the correct answers that work for YOU.

None of the above requires adding MORE practice time or complicating what you’re already doing. 

In fact, it requires you to simplify. To get clear. To pare down and focus on SMALLER sections of music. To learn methods that help you practice more EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY. 

If you want a simple plan for your practice routine - if you want to confidently know exactly what to do during your practice time to get results, I can help you.

In the Casual to Confident Piano Player Program:

I help you get you clarity on your goals and to create the perfect practice routine that meets you WHERE YOU ARE now

I teach you all of my proven practice methods for success and accuracy 

I show you exactly how to practice so that you feel progress after every practice session 

There is NOTHING ELSE out there like the Casual to Confident program.