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The Surprising Benefits of Diving In and Figuring Stuff Out

for piano teachers Sep 05, 2023
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Today, let's talk about the surprising benefits of diving in and figuring stuff out.

I believe that embracing this mindset of "diving in" and "figuring things out" can be a game-changer in your teaching business, regardless of your busy schedule or other commitments. So, let's explore the benefits of taking that leap.


Believing It's Possible

The first step in this journey is believing that it's possible. Often, we doubt ourselves and our abilities, coming up with all sorts of reasons why we can't achieve something. Maybe you think you need a formal degree or more training before you can take your business to the next level. But the truth is, we live in a time where information is readily available, often for free, on the internet.

Instead of doubting yourself, choose to adopt a growth mindset. Understand that you can learn and acquire the skills you need as you go. Don't use a lack of formal qualifications as an excuse. Trust that you already possess the capability to learn and adapt.


Acquiring the Knowledge

Once you believe it's possible, it's time to acquire the knowledge needed to make your vision a reality. This may involve some research and learning, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. While it's easy to get lost in a sea of information, it's crucial to strike a balance between acquiring enough knowledge and taking action.

For example, when I started my YouTube channel, I spent hours researching how to create and edit videos. While the information was helpful, what truly gave me confidence was diving in and creating content. You don't need to be an expert before you start – sometimes, the best teacher is experienced.


Just Do It

Now comes the most crucial step – just do it. Once you have some basic knowledge and a belief in your capabilities, take that first step. It's common to feel overwhelmed or uncertain at this stage, but remember that everyone starts somewhere. Your first attempts might not be perfect, and that's okay.

When I began my YouTube channel, I was told that no one watches the first few videos. And that's true for many endeavors – initial efforts might not yield immediate results, but they are vital for your growth. So, take that leap, create that first video, or launch that new program. Don't let fear hold you back.


Don't Give Up and Be Consistent

The journey doesn't end after your first attempt; it's essential to keep going and stay consistent. Many people start but don't continue. The key difference between those who succeed and those who don't is persistence.

You might encounter challenges, face setbacks, or feel like giving up at times. But remember that the only difference between you and someone further along the path is that they didn't quit. Stay committed to your goal and keep pushing forward, even when it gets tough.


Refining As You Go

As you take action and continue your journey, you'll naturally learn and grow. This is where the magic happens. You'll discover what works and what doesn't. Your skills will improve, your processes will become more efficient, and you'll refine your approach.

For example, my content creation process has evolved significantly over the years. I've streamlined my methods, reduced the time required, and enhanced the quality of my work. This didn't happen overnight but through continuous learning and refinement.


In the end, embracing the mindset of diving in and figuring things out can lead to tremendous personal and professional growth. You have everything you need inside you to take that first step, acquire the necessary knowledge, and persist through challenges. Trust in yourself, and don't let fear hold you back. Start today by choosing one thing you've been hesitant to tackle and take that first step. 

In a few months or a year, you'll be amazed at the progress you've made. Remember, the only difference between you and those you admire is that they didn't give up. So, keep going and keep growing!


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