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Shatter the starving artist stereotype and skyrocket your income to 100k and beyond. 

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Do you ever get done teaching and feel completely devoid of energy?


Are you sick of having the same conversations over and over again with the families in your studio?


Does it seem like your schedule is dictated by the ever-changing schedules of your students? 


Do you secretly want to make more money but doubt your ability to do so or question if it’s possible to make more as a piano teacher? 


It’s time to level up.


Hi, I’m Ashlee.


There was a time in my life when I was working 50 hours a week and I was exhausted.

desperately wanted to increase my income and work less. I didn’t want to work during the after school hours and I wanted to have complete control over my schedule

Deep down I secretly wondered if I could ever accomplish these goals...I certainly didn’t have any real life examples of piano teachers that had a business like the one I imagined. 

Everything changed for me when I figured out how to to make my business work FOR MY LIFE instead of the other way around. 

By implementing my Signature Method (before it became the signature method), I was able to catapult my income to six-figures a year with part time hours. 





The Six-Figure Studio Signature Method


Policies for Profit


Your studio policy will make or break your ability to hit six-figures as a piano teacher.  Fast track your path to six-figures with policies that ensure you make more money, don’t waste energy, and work less. 

Messaging that Multiplies


Your messaging holds the key to not only how MANY students you attract, but also the type of students that you attract. Gain clarity on your messaging and you can get as many students as you want through any platform.

10X Growth Guide


Scaling and growing is all about working smarter, not harder and in order to do that, streamlining is key. Create assets that will serve you forever and get you where you want to be. 

Are you ready for six-figures?


This program is not for all piano teachers.


However, if you:


Are ready to break free of the starving artist stereotype...


Deeply desire to take your business and your life to the next level...


Feel in your heart and soul that you are meant for so much more...


You’re ready.

Unlock Your Access to Six Figure Studio


During our 16 weeks of 1:1 coaching you will:


✔️ Skyrocket your profits by supercharging your studio policy. Together we’ll refine and redesign not only the policy itself but an implementation strategy so that your students get on board with your new policies FAST and without pushback. 

✔️ Clarify your messaging so that you can amplify your marketing. This makes multiplying your impact and reach inevitable. 

✔️ Master content creation for growth on any platform. Once your messaging is clear, creating content that attracts clients becomes a no-brainer. 

✔️ Elevate your mindset so that you can elevate your business. You’ll learn specific mindset techniques and practices so that your path of growth is always illuminated.

✔️ Streamline your systems and assets so that you can maximize your time and creative energy.


You’ll also get access to:


✔️ On-demand support between live sessions via Voxer so that you have access to answers, feedback,  pep talks or whatever you need, WHEN YOU NEED IT.

✔️ Templates, Worksheets and Plug and Go Resources so that streamlining is simple and so that you don’t waste time on administrative tasks.

 ✔️ Ashlee’s hashtag banks, content organization systems, studio policies, AND website audits so that it becomes inevitable that your online marketing will bring you clients.

✔️ An exclusive opportunity to be a guest on The Prosperous Piano Teacher Podcast so that we can celebrate and spotlight the strides you’ll make and bring more awareness to your business and brand.


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