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Let's Practice Sight Reading on the Piano Together

revolutionary technique methods May 04, 2023
sight reading tips

Sight reading is an incredibly important skill. How you read and process music has a big impact on how you sound, how you feel while you play, and so many other things. 

Watch this video and follow along in this PDF so that we can practice this skill together. Then, on your own, keep these things in mind: 


  • always practice sight reading at a lower level than you regularly play
  • always count out loud and go slower than you think you need to go
  • use the metronome
  • don't stop, don't go back
  • try to play it as well as possible on the first try


You want to make sure to look at ALL of the following things before you dive into sight reading.


  • Rhythm/counting - actually clap and count the whole example out loud
  • Articulation
  • Dynamics
  • Fingerings and hand position changes
  • Key signature and time signature
  • Pedal
  • Any other symbols
  • Patterns
  • Surprises or deviations from patterns
  • Aspects of Musicality (title, tempo marking, character markings, etc)
  • Voicing (where is the melody)
  • Application of music theory knowledge(chord names or patterns, etc)
  • Unexpected things
  • Potential mistake spots

For more tips on sight reading, check out this playlist of helpful videos, and here are some of my favorite sight reading tools!


Helen Marlais Sight Reading Books

Keith Snell Sight Reading Books

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