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Gain Confidence With the Chopin Nocturnes

Apr 06, 2023
chopin nocturnes

Chopin is such an amazing composer and it’s no wonder that millions of people love his music. The Nocturnes are a personal favorite of mine. A Nocturne is a ‘night song’ and a nocturne usually has a subdued mood. They are peaceful, serene, and calm….

Or so I was taught. :)

I love that Chopin completely breaks that mold and writes these lovely concert pieces that explore the entire range of human emotion and musicality at the piano. We hear a LOT of nocturnes in the Casual to Confident Piano Player group classes and I couldn’t be more glad about that! I get a chance to give people SPECIFIC feedback based on their struggles and strengths with these pieces. 

I created this video to help with some of the most common difficulties I see with these pieces. 

Check it out to simplify the process of learning a Chopin nocturne now! 

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