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Owning Your Unique Brilliance in the Online Space: Insights from the Prosperous Piano Teacher Podcast

for piano teachers Aug 09, 2023
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In this exciting blog, we'll be diving into the topic of showing up and owning your unique brilliance in the online space from both mindset and tactical perspectives.


A Recap of the Guest Swap

Last Wednesday, the Prosperous Piano Teacher Podcast had an episode released on Jaime's podcast. Ashley was the guest, and they discussed the mindset of showing up in the online space and owning one's uniqueness. Today, they are switching roles, and Ashlee will be interviewing Jaime to learn more about how to show up and own it in the online space from a tactical standpoint.


Meet Jaime

Jaime Slutsky is a technology strategist and the host of the Music Teachers Expand Online Podcast. Armed with a computer science degree, she is passionate about helping music educators leverage technology to enhance their teaching and online presence. Jaime believes in making tech fun, intriguing, and approachable for everyone.


The Power of Specificity

One of the biggest struggles people face in the online space is not being specific enough. Trying to be a generalist can be challenging, as it is much easier to become known for one thing. Jaime encourages teachers to identify their unique brilliance and drill down further to stand out and have a consistent message. Being specific allows you to attract your ideal audience and establish a strong presence online.


Exercises to Find Your Specificity

 To discover your uniqueness, Jaime suggests thinking about three to five of your favorite students from the past six to twelve months. Analyze what made these students stand out and why you enjoyed teaching them. Look for commonalities, such as age, personality, interests, or industries they work in. This exercise will help you understand your ideal audience better and align your content with their needs.


Consistency and Authenticity

 Successful teachers in the online space exhibit resilience, consistency, warmth, and an inviting approach. Being authentic and giving generously to your audience builds trust and fosters a genuine community. Instead of solely focusing on vanity metrics like likes and followers, prioritize providing value and connecting with your audience.


Recommended Tools

For live music instruction, Jaime recommends Muzie. It provides a great platform for one-to-one or live music lessons. For creating courses, she suggests Thinkfic, an easy-to-use platform that hosts video content, sales pages, and checkouts. Additionally, for email marketing, ConvertKit is a valuable tool.


Final Advice

Jaime's final advice for music teachers looking to own their unique brilliance online is to get specific and test it out. Focus all your content on one specific thing for the next 30 days and see how your audience responds. Additionally, when choosing tools and technology, avoid bloating your systems and be mindful of what your current tools lack. Utilize free resources like Facebook groups and YouTube channels to gain insights and enhance your knowledge.

Embracing your unique brilliance and showing up authentically in the online space can lead to significant growth and success for music teachers. By being specific and leveraging the right tools, teachers can confidently navigate the online world and create a meaningful impact on their students and audiences alike. Remember, you've got this, and the technology is there to help you shine. So go ahead and own it in the online space!


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