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Embracing Change: Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs as a Piano Teacher

for piano teachers May 28, 2023
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As the seasons change and bring a sense of renewed energy, I want to dive into a topic that holds many of us back from reaching our true potential. Today, I'll share a personal story that led me to question my self-imposed limitations as a piano teacher. I'll discuss the power of challenging our beliefs and provide five practical steps to help you overcome self-limiting thoughts. So, whether you're a teacher or simply someone looking to break free from self-imposed barriers, this blog is for you.

Listening to Your Inner Desires:

In this fast-paced world, we often neglect our deepest desires and dreams. Admitting what we truly want can be daunting, especially when it goes against societal expectations. However, it's crucial to take the time to listen to your inner voice and fully embrace your aspirations. In my journey, I realized that I didn't want to teach piano solely in the after-school hours, even though it seemed like the norm. I wanted more flexibility and quality time with my future family. Recognizing and accepting these desires was the first step toward change.

Questioning Your Limiting Beliefs:

We tend to create self-limiting beliefs to rationalize our current circumstances. Whether it's about income, career choices, or personal goals, we convince ourselves that certain things are impossible. I, too, believed that I had to sacrifice my desired schedule to pursue my career as a pianist. However, I started questioning the validity of this belief. Is it true that I must work during after-school hours? This simple question opened up a world of possibilities and challenged the assumption I had made years ago.

Exploring the Possibilities:

Once you begin questioning your beliefs, the next step is to explore the possibilities. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers right away. Just give yourself the freedom to consider alternative paths. For me, this meant contemplating ways to maintain my career while avoiding after-school teaching. This process allowed my mind to expand and consider options I hadn't previously thought possible. It was during this exploration that I stumbled upon the idea of starting a YouTube channel.

Embracing Open-Mindedness:

As humans, we crave certainty and often rush to find solutions that fit our existing beliefs. However, embracing open-mindedness is key to breaking free from self-imposed limitations. By challenging our assumptions, we create space for new ideas and opportunities to emerge. Consider your current income as an example. Do you believe you're locked into your current earning potential? Questioning this belief opens the door to creative solutions and the possibility of increasing your income.

Taking Action and Trying New Ideas:

Finally, once you've questioned your beliefs and embraced open-mindedness, it's time to take action. Don't be afraid to try new ideas and experiment with different approaches. This is where you bring your desires and the possibilities together. It might involve implementing changes gradually, like raising your rates, exploring alternative teaching hours, or even venturing into new avenues like online teaching or content creation. By taking action, you're actively shaping your future and breaking free from self-imposed limitations.


As piano teachers or individuals pursuing their dreams, it's essential to confront the beliefs that hold us back. By listening to our inner desires, questioning self-imposed limitations, exploring possibilities, embracing open-mindedness, and taking action, we can create a path that aligns with our true aspirations. Remember, change is not always easy, but it's necessary for growth and fulfillment. So, let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you


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