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How To Sound Musical

Mar 16, 2023

Playing musically is the ultimate goal for everyone that is trying to learn how to play the piano, right?! Music speaks to each of us in a special way. I know this is true, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here trying to learn even more about playing the piano.

There are so many things to pay attention to when we are learning piano and when we are trying to play the piano. I find that often, students lose sight of the goal, which is to PLAY MUSICALLY. If we can keep this goal as a focus from the very beginning, it can inform how we spend our practice time and how we structure everything that we do at the piano.

 In this video, I go DEEP about exactly how to be musical in your piano practice – here are some of my favorite suggestions:

  1. Research the piece, composer, or person who wrote the song. Do you have anything in common with them? Connecting with composers helps us to recognize our shared humanity and can bring a certain level of depth to the music.
  2. Sing along with the melody. DO IT. Even if you’re not a ‘singer.’ It will help you connect with the melodic line and ensure you know what you’re voicing.
  3. Listen to the piece away from the piano. Find ALL of the recordings that you can of the piece and compare and contrast them. What do you like about the recordings? What don’t you like? Copy the things you like.

 Try out one new thing each week and see what happens. You’ll have to let me know. :)

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