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How To Ask The Right Questions

for piano teachers Apr 20, 2023
coaching for piano teachers

Most teachers will price their lessons based on the ‘market standard,’ or their qualifications.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME, this leads to teachers undervaluing their services.

When teachers set out to name their price, they’ll often do research about what the ‘market standard’ is, or they’ll look at their qualifications…and then they’ll set a number that is…


“If I charge too much, my students will quit, or I won’t get any new students.”

“I already charge more than most teachers in my area.”

“I don’t have enough qualifications or experience to justify raising my rates.”

And I totally get it.

I have actually said each of these things to myself at some point in time.

Most teachers also have huge hearts β€οΈ

Which is an overwhelmingly positive trait FOR SURE

But leads teachers to do things like try to accommodate students’ schedules, even when they are sacrificing their family or personal time to do so.

And somewhere in all of this kind and generous business operating…

YOU get lost.

‌Your wants.
Your dreams.
Your desires.

How much money do YOU WANT to make?
How many students do YOU WANT to teach?
What are the ideal hours that YOU WANT to have for your studio?

These questions are so much more important (and frankly life changing) than questions like:

What is the ‘market standard’ price?


What lesson time works best for your family (you say to a new student that just signed up) πŸ˜‰

I want to know what kind of questions you ask in your studio. Because your wants, dreams, and desires are the MOST IMPORTANT factor in your business.

Are you asking things like:

How do I ensure I don’t lose any students?
How do I accommodate my schedule for all of the makeup lessons?
How do I work piano scheduling around other activities of my students?


Are you asking questions like:

How can I work smarter, not harder, to increase my profits and decrease my work hours?
How can I show up to each lesson with a great amount of energy to serve my students at the highest level?
How could I make this studio flourish so that it supports the kind of life I want?

These are the right questions to ask.

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