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The Biggest Lie Piano Teachers Believe

for piano teachers Apr 13, 2023

I’ve been teaching for over 15 years…and throughout the years, I have told myself SO MANY LIES about my business.


But the biggest lie that I told myself for a long time (and that I often hear other teachers say as well), is that…


You can’t raise your rates.


And the reasons for this can be extensive. 


Perhaps your reasons are altruistic:


You already charge top dollar for your area.

The economy is a mess and you don’t want to add stress.

Your families have many students in lessons and so a rate raise would make a huge difference in their monthly tuition.


Or perhaps your reasons are based on fear:


What if I raise my rates and people quit? 

What if I raise my rates and people think I am charging way too much?

What if I raise my rates and I don’t get any new students? 


I totally get it.

I used several of these reasons myself for many, many years.


And it took me a long time to raise my rates to what I wanted them to be. 


But when I finally did…I realized something that SOUNDS obvious now (but it totally wasn’t at the time). 


If I doubled my rates…and half of my students quit…


I would accomplish my goal. 


I would be making the SAME amount, but working less. 


And this thought BLEW MY MIND


And sure, I would get less new students, because my rates would be higher.




This would also get me closer to my goal of working less and making more. 


So I did it. 


I doubled my rates (almost) and only one student quit, and I never looked back. 


Now I know doubling your rates isn’t for everyone…


But if you are that person that wants more from your business…


If you are ready to level up your teaching business so that your business works for you (and not the other way around), join me in one of my 3 available private business coaching spots. 


We will work together for 10 weeks to: 


  • perfect your teaching philosophy - which  is an essential asset for your business because it informs all of your marketing, your brand, and your business practices)
  • refresh your studio policy - which is the most important asset for your business because it sets your expectations of your students and their families from the very first interaction you ever have with them. You teach people how to treat you in your business by how you communicate with them.
  • optimize for growth - depending on what your goals are, we’ll come up with a simple plan to get you there. This stage is highly personalized to you and your business goals. We can cover anything that will get you towards your goals from recruiting new students, to growing your income with your current students, to creating online content that will drive new business. 


If you are interested in one of these private coaching spots - get more details and find out the next steps by clicking here. Or, book a call here and we can talk. 

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