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Instantly level up your studio policies with these tips

for piano teachers Apr 20, 2023
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A studio policy is the most important asset for your business because it sets your expectations of your students and their families from the very first interaction you ever have with them.

It took me a long time to learn that you teach people how to treat you in your business by how you communicate with them.

If you find yourself having the same conversations with families over and over again, it’s a big red flag that something needs to be added to your studio policy.

An effective studio policy saves you time and energy because you no longer have to have those repeated conversations with families about collecting tuition, how much they need to practice, what they need to bring to their lessons, etc.

If you find yourself:

Having the same conversation over and over again
Teaching students you don’t want to teach
Stuck in uncomfortable conversations with families about rates, makeup lessons, or past due payments…

It’s likely your studio policy needs some leveling up.

The best ways to level up your studio policy instantly:

1️⃣ Put it in a Google Form. Make it so that on each paragraph they have to click ‘I agree” before they can go on to the next paragraph. Do not start lessons until they’ve submitted the Google form.

2️⃣ Include practice expectations. If it’s in your studio policy that you expect a bare minimum of x number of minutes of practice x days a week, it’s going to weed out the students that aren’t a fit from the get go. It’s also going to make your expectations clear so that when practice issues come up, you can simply say, “in the policy you agreed to when you started lessons…” and the conversation is much less personal and much more professional.

3️⃣ Be strict with your policies. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis than it is to have loosey-goosey policies and try to make them strict later. For example, if I say there are no makeup lessons for any reason in my studio policy, I can OF COURSE personally decide to give a makeup lesson for a unique circumstance if I have the time in my schedule. However, the expectation going into lessons will be that makeup lessons are not available. Students will take lessons more seriously and cancel a lot less (yes, really).

These are just 3 ways that you can level up your studio policy, but there are hundreds more.

A studio policy sets a solid foundation for a healthy studio.

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