What if you knew exactly how to practice sight reading so that the music flowed out of you?


Secrets To Sight Reading is a proven method that helps piano players master the art of sight reading so you can play with more expression and fewer wrong notes, every time.


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"This course is well worth the cost. It delivers on its promises...

If you have a burning desire to sight read and need to learn the basics, this class is tailored for you.

This course provided me with the necessary tools to embark on my sight reading journey and I plan to revisit the lessons, complete all the homework, and am grateful to have this resource for life. Thank you, Ashlee!"

-Sally Hammer

I wholeheartedly recommend Secrets To Sight Reading...

In fact, I'd tell anyone considering this course that it's far more valuable than simply reading about sight reading in a book. This course is a must.

The skills I acquired in the class extend beyond sight reading. It has been an invaluable experience, it's absolutely worth the cost and time.”

-Diane Wilson



🪄 Sight reading with freedom and speed on the very first try does not require magical abilities. ✨


 Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been playing the piano for a while, sight reading is an invaluable part of your piano practice.


Not only does sight reading help you learn difficult pieces faster, it also:


✔️ Improves your performance anxiety.

✔️ Increases your inclusive awareness so you can pay attention to a lot at the same time.

✔️ Helps you connect the dots between what you see on the page, and what you’re able to express on the keys.


But like my previous students before they enrolled in Secrets To Sight Reading, you might not know HOW to practice sight reading to gain all of the benefits.


 Secrets To Sight Reading is the roadmap you need to master sight reading with less wrong notes and more freedom and musicality, every time.




My experience with Ashlee as an instructor has been truly exceptional...

She brings a sense of order and structure to her teaching, providing excellent resources along the way. 

The investment of this course was indeed worthwhile. The quality of instruction and the growth I experienced more than justified the expense.The benefits are substantial.

The course not only improved my sight reading skills but also enriched my overall musical journey. Thank you, Ashlee!"

-Wyn Galpin

By the end of this course you’ll have mastered:  


Pattern Recognition 

so that you can quickly recognize what is really going on in a piece of music at first glance - even if you struggle with ledger line notes or chords.


Planning it Out

which will ensure you know what you’re doing before you even put your hands on the keys -- you’ll play with less wrong notes and a deeper understanding of the music.


Staying in the Flow

in other words, the art of letting go so that you can move beyond the notes (yes, even the wrong ones), for a free, fluid, and musical sound.

I wholeheartedly recommend Secrets To Sight Reading...

The tools provided in the course helped me pinpoint areas where I needed improvement, and each week, I built my knowledge and skills progressively. 

I can confidently say that the investment in the course was well worth it."

-Nick Robertson

What's Inside Secrets To Sight Reading: 

Module 1: Deciphering Musical Patterns

Learn to recognize patterns and play them with ease so that you can find them quickly in musical examples (this makes you unstoppable when in your sight reading endeavors). 

Module 2: Discovering Musical Patterns

Dive in to discover how every musical score is really just combinations of patterns that you can quickly spot to minimize the mistakes you make when sight reading.

Module 3: The Proven Roadmap for Sight Reading

Get the proven roadmap that takes you through the exact steps to take every time you sight read so that nothing falls through the cracks and your accuracy skyrockets. 

Module 4:Troubleshooting Sight Reading 

Learn the most common mistakes that piano players make at this point in their sight reading journey and how to avoid them so that you don’t develop bad habits that stunt your progress. 

Module 5: The Flow of Sight Reading 

Learn the tangible strategies you can implement to stay in the flow, even if mistakes happen (so that your sight reading is fluid, free, and musical).


Module 6: Sight Reading and Beyond 

Refine your practice of sight reading to establish musicality as a baseline and a given every time you sit down to play.  

I know what youre thinking...


This course looks great...but will it actually work for ME?


I know how much you desire to improve your piano playing skills - and by being here, youre showing me that you’re ready to go to the next level.
I’m so confident that this course will work for you, I’ll make you a promise. If you implement everything I teach you in this course for a minimum of 6 weeks and you dont see progress, you can get your money back, guaranteed


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Upon enrollment you get all of the bonus resources you’ll need to master Sight Reading, forever:

Bonus #1 ($197 Value):

The Secrets To Sight Reading Handbook

This custom handbook reinforces everything you’ll learn throughout the course and beyond so that you always have access to the knowledge you acquired during the class. Find homework assignments, recaps of the videos, and resources for future study in the handbook. It will fast-track your acquisition and advancement of sight reading skills. 

Bonus #2 ($197 Value):

The Secrets To Sight Reading Manuscript

50+ pages of sight reading examples that will serve you throughout the course and beyond. These examples were created and tailored specifically for this course and will help you expedite your path to success.

Bonus #3 ($197 Value):

The Memory Aid Cards

These custom study cards will help you quickly recognize the most common musical patterns that pop up in any piece of music, regardless of level or genre. The memory aid cards help you sustain your acquired knowledge for the rest of your musical journey. 

Bonus #4 ($497 Value):

Lifetime Access to Class Content + Any Future Updates or Additions

You will have access to the content inside STSR for life, including any future updates or additions. You always have a way to revisit the educational content. No memory slips for you! 😉

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 When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $1,500.


Time is running out to get in on all of the above bonuses but luckily you can get Secrets To Sight Reading today for just... 👇🏼



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