Secrets To Sight Reading 


Master the art of sight reading so that you can sit down at the piano and just play (and learn anything you set your heart on)! 


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Sight reading with freedom and speed on the very first try does not require magical abilities.

Itall about The Patterns and The Process.


  • The Patterns: once you have the skills to decipher and discover the patterns in music, you comprehend the music at first glance.


  • The Process: using this revolutionary practice method  ensures that you become faster and more proficient at sight reading. 


Secrets to Sight Reading


This 6 week class is designed to help you learn to:


✔️ Decipher the most common musical patterns so that sight reading feels easier and faster even if youre currently struggling with ledger line notes or intervals.


✔️ Dissect pieces of music to understand them on a deeper level and play with more freedom and ease even if sight reading currently feels overwhelming or unsuccessful. 


✔️ Master The Process of sight reading without tons of mistakes so that playing through pieces becomes simple and enjoyable.


✔️ Unlock the secrets of sight reading so that you can sit down and just play (and learn anything you set your heart on) proficiently and securely.



Included With Enrollment: 


6 Classes to view at Your Convenience

Get access to Ashlee’s expert guidance for six weeks so that you can master the art of sight reading. I can’t wait to help you become a sight reading virtuoso.

The Secrets To Sight Reading Handbook

This custom handbook includes everything we will cover during our six weeks together and beyond so that you always have access to the knowledge you acquired during the class. This handbook will fast-track your acquisition and advancement of sight reading skills. 

The Secrets To Sight Reading Manuscripts

50+ pages of sight reading examples that will serve you during our time together and beyond. These examples were created and tailored specifically for this 6 week experience and will help you expedite your path to success.

The Memory Aid Cards

These custom study cards will guarantee that by the end of our six weeks together, you can quickly recognize the most common musical patterns that pop up in any piece of music. You’ll have a way to study the most common musical patterns so that you can sustain your acquired knowledge for the rest of your musical journey. 

The Secrets To Sight Reading Collective

One of the most overlooked progress accelerators is the community that a group learning experience can provide. Connect with others, get your questions answered, and have FUN all while you boost your sight reading skills. 

Lifetime Access to Class Content

You will have access to the content inside STSR for life. You always have a way to revisit the educational content. No memory slips for you! 😉


☑️ 30 minute meet and greet before the first class to ensure you feel comfortable in the virtual classroom before we dive in and start learning.

☑️ 2 Practice Room Cooperative Sessions where we’ll meet in zoom for an hour of accountability practice so that you stay motivated, inspired and excited throughout the course of this class. 

☑️ Six 15 minute office hour sessions after each live class to ensure there is time and space to answer your questions and get you the help you need.

The Details:


Week 1: Deciphering Patterns

Learn to recognize the most common musical patterns you will encounter in piano music. When you can recognize these patterns and play them with ease, you strengthen your ability to find them in musical examples which makes you unstoppable when in your sight reading endeavors


Week 2: Discovering Patterns

It's essential that you know how to find these patterns in music. Learn exactly how to recognize these patterns in musical examples to ensure that you can sight read a piece with a deeper understanding of it BEFORE you even put your fingers on the keys. This leads to more freedom and speed when you play.

Week 3: The Process for Sight Reading

Week 3 is all about THE PROCESS, which is Ashlee’s unique method that you can use to ensure that you master the art of sight reading. You’ll learn the Process and you’ll learn exactly how to use it during your sight reading practice.


Week 4: The Pitfalls of Sight Reading 

When you start to practice sight reading regularly, there are bound to be issues that come up. During week 4 we’re going to dive deep into the most common mistakes people make when sight reading so that you don’t fall victim to any of these progress killers. 


Week 5: The Flow of Sight Reading

Now that you really understand HOW to practice sight reading, it’s important that you continue to move beyond the notes so that your sight reading is fluid, free, and musical. Refine your practice of sight reading to establish musicality as a baseline and a given every time you sit down to play.  


Week 6: Sight Reading in the Future and Beyond

By week 6 you are going to be a completely different piano player than you were before week 1. Along the way, you will discover questions you never knew you had and issues are sure to present themselves.You will end this six week experience with answers to those questions, solutions to the issues, confidence, a deeper understanding of sight reading, and the ability to tackle any piece you have your heart set on! 


Enroll NOW to reserve your exclusive seat and get access to:

✔️ 6 Weeks of Content with Ashlees expert guidance


✔️The Custom Secrets To Sight Reading Handbook so you always have access to your new knowledge and skills


✔️The Secrets To Sight Reading Manuscripts with 50+ examples


✔️The Memory Aid Cards so you never forget the patterns


✔️The Exclusive Secrets To Sight Reading Collective 


✔️Lifetime Access to Class Replays to accelerate your progress forever





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