Triads of the Key

Updated: May 11

by Ashlee Young Music Studio

This video was inspired by the difficulty that I see students having when trying to understand this concept! I see my kid students, adult students, and even college music major students confused by this concept – so let’s clear it up.

Triads of the key is such a lame term…but it’s how the concept is taught in theory books and how it’s frequently presented. But basically, if we take a scale, and build a chord on each note of the scale – BAM! There’s our ‘triads of the key.’ All of these chords are chords that you will frequently see when playing a piece of music in that key.

Because reading and understanding music is ultimately all about learning how to quickly digest and recognize patterns, having a good understanding of the triads of the key will definitely make you a better musician.

I explain a LOT more in this video – be sure to check it out and get THIS FREE PDF!

Also – if you’d like a book that completely and comprehensively teaches you scales, chords, triads, arpeggios, etc, I use this one with all of my students and for myself.

Happy Practicing!


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