Simplifying Piano LIVE | Rhythm - With a FREE PDF!

I’ve had a few requests for this PDF of the presentation that went along with the class on June 20th. We covered some common rhythm myths and learned a TON of exercises for getting more comfortable with the metronome, improving syncopation skills, and we even touched on counting two against 3’s.

The presentation has a ton of slides that you can reference back to when you are practicing. Feel free to print the slides and keep them on your piano so that you can truly commit to incorporating these exercises into your daily practice routine.

You will get the most out of this PDF if you watch the video above and follow along with the exercises I give.

Some general tips for success with these practices:

  1. Do them regularly – just like any part of your piano practice, the more regularly you come back to it, the more improvement you’ll see

  2. Just commit a few minutes each day — if you can commit a few FOCUSED minutes to rhythm practice each day, you will absolutely start to see the results after a couple of weeks.

  3. GO SLOW – I say this often. :) Because it is so important! If you feel like these exercises are challenging, slow it down. Break it down. Make sure that you find a way to make it more digestible. Once you find a way to do it successfully, do it repeatedly until you feel confident with it. At that point, you’ll be ready to add more layers of difficulty.

Here are the tools that I talk about in the video:

-Digital Metronome Link:

-Penguin Metronome Link:

-Rhythm Flashcards Link:

-Robert Starer Rhythm Book:

Sight Reading and Rhythm Every Day Helen Marlais:

Level 1A:

Level 1B:

Level 2A:

Level 2B:

Level 3A:

Level 3B:

Level 4A:

Level 4B:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Happy Practicing!


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