Practicing Effectively and Efficiently

One of the biggest struggles I see students experience is NOT KNOWING HOW TO STRUCTURE their piano practice. Imagine you’re about to practice the piano. You sit down, pull out a piece, and start playing through it. It goes fine, and so you play through it again. Things sound ok, so you just keep repeating the piece over and over again. You do this for about a week, and then head into your next piano lesson (or try to play for someone, or even just play for yourself), and you realize there are mistakes, and you’re not feeling super confident about the piece.

We have ALL been here. This is a great example of a practice session that lacks the structure to be effective and efficient. The good news is that structuring your practice to be effective and efficient CAN be easy. Now, there are MANY practice techniques we can use to improve the efficacy of our practice, but first, we have to become efficient with our practice time.

Here are my steps for INSTANT improvement with the quality of your piano practice:

  1. Watch the Video

  2. Download your FREE PDF

  3. Utilize the steps in this video to see more progress in your piano practice as you learn to be more effective and efficient in your practice

  4. Check out the other videos on my channel (like this one or this one) to learn more strategies about effective and efficient piano practice

  5. Happy Practicing!

This is an older video that I recorded, one from when I first started my channel. SOOOO the editing is not nearly as good as I would like it to be..however, I still stand by the content!

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