Piano environment + ways to keep your piano healthy and happy

Updated: Mar 3

This is one of my older videos from when I first started publishing videos and tutorials regularly. I talk a lot about the things that I like to have around when I practice...and something I’ve been mulling over lately is doing a video where I talk about how to take care of your piano or keyboard -- or how to keep it happy and healthy. SO - I will get to filming that video eventually, but here are my initial thoughts on how to keep a piano or keyboard happy and healthy.

  1. Keep it clear of clutter -- something I see all the time in students homes and in general, is books, decor, food, and beverages sitting on pianos or keyboards. Maybe you’ve seen this in a bar or restaurant? Or at someone’s house? Or maybe you’ve done it before? DON’T! :) This is a sure fire way to ruin your piano or keyboard. Only one spill of the liquid can completely wreck a piano or keyboard beyond repair. Books or decor on the piano and keyboard can change the sound, which could interfere with your practice. They can also easily fall -- quickly damaging necessary parts of the instrument. It’s just best practice to keep the instrum

ents clear.

  1. Try to control humidity and temperature (as much as you can). Instrument placement is important - my piano tuner always says that pianos *should* go away from doors, drafts, and windows that are opened frequently. Now, I know this isn’t always realistic depending on the living circumstances, but if there are options, choose an option where humidity and temperature are as constant as possible. This will keep your piano in tune longer. I live somewhere that is particularly humid and I have a humidity control device installed under my piano to keep things steady!

  2. Dust it using only a slightly damp cloth. There are TONS of products out there, but when in doubt, a slightly damp cloth is the easiest and safest option. Unless your wood polisher or cleaning product came from a piano technician or the place where you got the instrument, I’d steer clear.

Any must-do’s on your list of things to keep your instrument happy and healthy? I’d love to hear!

Happy Practicing!


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