Piano Practice Tips

1. Practice regularly - piano practice will work best when you think of it as a routine -- something you do every single day. Try pairing it with something you already do EVERY DAY. For example, do it right after eating dinner, or before you brush your teeth in the morning.

2. Warm up your brain and your body - I share a lot of ideas in this playlist about ways to warm up your body. For your brain, try listening to your pieces, singing something, or even just clapping along with a metronome to waken your sense of pulse, your ear, and your musical brain.

3. Go Slow - the only way to fast is slow. The only way to fast is slow. The only way to fast is slow. Focus on playing consistently WELL, and the speed will be a byproduct. If you focus on playing fast, you will have many errors and frustration will set in.

3. Don’t always start at the beginning - The very beginning isn’t always a good place to start. When you start at the beginning each time you sit down to practice, you only master the beginning before your allotted practice time is up… without ever giving yourself time to tackle that difficult section. Start at the end, mix up the measures or phrases, do this in EVERY practice session.

4. You don’t need a piano to practice - I give a TON of suggestions for how to practice away from a piano here.

5. Pick a piece that inspires you - you will practice more, and enjoy practice if you pick a piece that you are excited to play. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to pick the most difficult piece. Take your skill level into account, and find something you are really excited to learn! Great music exists at all levels.

Happy Practicing!


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