Piano Bootcamp | Time Management and Piano Practice Routine

by Ashlee Young Music Studio

“I just played this at home and for some reason now I can’t play it in front of you…”

“I practice ALL THE TIME but for some reason this isn’t sounding better…..”

“I spent so many hours on this and I’m frustrated that it didn’t make a difference…..”

“I practiced this way and this way and this way, but things still fall apart when I try to play the piece through….”

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you heard any of these or said any of these before? I hear these statements ALL THE TIME in working with students. Or, I should say, I *USED* to hear these statements often. I hear them much less often now that my students have a really good sense of EXACTLY how to spend their practice time.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing college professor during my undergrad for my private piano lessons that spent so much time working with me on exactly how to make my piano practice as effective and efficient as possible. I did not realize the magnitude of the gift she was giving me by teaching me these skills.

No one has a ton of extra time in this world that we live in these days. So why NOT learn how to be more effective and efficient in your piano practice? Accomplish more in less time?! Work smarter not harder?! Become more confident in your abilities as you learn to observe what goes well and what goes wrong in the process?! That’s exactly what the point of this Piano Bootcamp is. Your piano practice will be TRANSFORMED. The skills you will learn during this 3 livestream series will completely change your world. You’ll gain confidence to know what you’re doing during your practice time, and as a result, you’ll sound better, faster. Be sure to follow along with the entire week, starting with the video right here.

Download your PDF and HERE and get started! You can do this!

Additional resources I recommend in this video


***Ideas for when you’re bored:

***Practice routine video:

***Warmp stretches:

***Yoga for Musicians:

***Practice Techniques:

Set Yourself Up for Success: Timers: Notebook:

Adorable Old School Metronome

:Penguin Metronome

Digital Metronome:


Making Music Fun Print:

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