One Hour Piano Bootcamp: How to Play Musically

So often in learning how to play the piano we get caught up with all of the complicated details of a piece. We focus on note names, fingering, technique, articulations, tempo markings, etc. We can get so caught up in these details that we forget what our original and ultimate goal is: making music.

Don’t get me wrong, note names, fingering, technique, articulations, and tempo are all a part of a musical performance. We definitely can’t be fully expressive at the piano if we don’t have a solid interpretation of a piece that includes accuracy and attention to detail.

BUT – we really want to make sure to always be thinking about the musicality. Wrong notes, rhythms, finerings, and pretty much most mistakes are forgiven in music if we can connect and help someone to FEEL something – and this comes from musicality.

In May’s One Hour Piano Bootcamp we went in DEPTH about how to play musically. I taught about important musical concepts, and we discussed exactly HOW to practice to get your playing sounding more musical, NOW.

You can check out the Bootcamp here.

And once you’ve watched, make sure to download your free pdf below.

Tools for Musicality:

Digital Metronome Link:

Penguin Metronome Link:

Rhythm Flashcards Link:

Rhythm Book:


Inner Game of Muisc

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