Manifestation in Piano Practice

How many of you have heard of manifestation? How many of you have actually practiced manifestation? I have recently been learning a little more about manifestation and have been realizing that I’ve actually been practicing it for a LONG time, I just didn't know what it was. Manifestation is essentially bringing about a desired result of a goal by focusing thoughts on the desired outcome. Now, for a long time manifestation seemed very ‘woo woo’ to me and I didn’t give it any thought.

However, recently, I’ve been exploring the applications that manifestation would have in piano practice. One of my favorite practices of manifestation is to imagine the FEELING you would have once you reach a desired goal or outcome.

So, for example, let’s say you are working on a really tough Mozart sonata. You imagine what it would feel like to finally be able to play it in front of a group of people, with accuracy and feeling. I think this would feel incredible! I would feel proud, excited, accomplished, and probably many other warm and fuzzy things.

Now – we take those feelings and we ruminate on them. This is my favorite part. I think we’re all familiar with the process of ruminating on negative feelings like anger, frustration, etc. But how often do we let ourselves ruminate on positive feelings? Feelings like accomplishment, pride, and excitement?

We ruminate on those feelings and allow the feelings to guide our current decisions about how we will practice the piano. If I’m feeling excited, proud, and accomplished, that’s going to give me an incredibly positive foundation upon which to build my daily piano practice. I’m going to think twice about what I’m doing and how I’m spending my time so that I can get to those incredible, positive feelings.

I’m working on this in my current piano practice. Want to try it with me? Let me know how it goes!

Happy Practicing!


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