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I just finished another piano lesson class with Ashlee in her Casual to Confident Piano Player program. There’s so much to learn about music, and I still feel like I’ve already come so far! I feel motivated to learn so much more and also feel like I need to take a small break from practicing. In my right mind, I know that if I were to take a long enough break it would be pretty difficult for me to have the desire to get back into the swing of things, because I would overwhelm myself with feelings of not remembering what I’ve learned etc. In an effort to stay on my forward piano journey, I knew I needed to reclaim some of my motivation, and regain some of my passion for my goal of learning the piano in the first place.

One thing I like to do is workout. Now this can mean anything really, walking, running, cycling, rowing on a rowing machine, hiking, window shopping, etc. It doesn’t matter what my activity necessarily will be for my day, but I want to do something active as frequently as I can. I’ve been this way all of my life because I typically have an inner passion to take this time for myself regularly. Of course, thinking of this daily passion of mine for activity, and my current waning passion for learning piano, (but not really wanting to give it up) it got me to really delve mentaly into the direction I wanted to go with the piano. Naturally I wanted to continue to learn piano. I just needed a boost to my momentum and my passion and motivation.

As it turns out, I love to listen to music when I participate in my daily activity. I find that the music I listen to often keeps my interest going while I perform my workout. Not only that, but the music usually becomes the inspiration for the tempo or the effort I make, during this activity. I bet we all know we ought to stretch our bodies after we participate in physical effort. “THEY” say that if you stretch your muscles after effort, you will reduce the chance of injury to your muscles. Well, here’s a big secret, even though I like all of this great activity, I find I am lazy when it comes to stretching my muscles. So let me tell you what I did that is now helping me with two things I clearly needed a little boost with. First, I took a few minutes to find the pieces I’ve been working on on my music platform on my phone. I downloaded them, and put them in a playlist called ‘piano music’. Now these are not necessarily the exact version of the pieces I am learning, but they are beautiful renditions of them, and I figured those would work just fine for my plan. The idea is, when I get done working out, I get on my yoga mat, and I make myself stretch all of my tired and sore (and getting old) muscles, BUT before I start stretching, I change my playlist to my piano music! I’m essentially using two things that will help me in the long run, to help each other (or myself) along in the short run! The beautiful renditions of Canon in D that I have found and downloaded really inspire me to get myself to my piano to practice and work to improve my skills with this piece. And as a side bonus, I want to hear more music, so I stay on that yoga mat and take the time to stretch all that needs stretching - one might say even my motivation and passion for learning the piano!

Now, I can’t wait to ‘stretch’ my muscles, my motivation and my passion for learning the piano WHILE I listen to the piano music I am currently learning. I downloaded several versions of Canon in D, which is my current challenge and I stretch until I’ve heard at least three of the pieces play all the way through. For me, this is a huge WIN and I am happy that I can share that with you! Maybe there’s something you can combine in your already busy life, to keep your motivation and passion up while learning, because with your passion and motivation, learning can be FUN!


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