Gain Confidence With the Chopin Nocturnes

Chopin is such an amazing composer and it’s no wonder that millions of people love his music. The 21 Nocturnes are a personal favorite of mine. In school, we learned that a Nocturne was a ‘night song’ and that a nocturne usually had a subdued mood, it was peaceful, serene, and calm.

I love that Chopin completely breaks that mold and writes these lovely concert pieces that explore the entire range of human emotion and musicality at the piano. We hear a LOT of nocturnes in the Casual to Confident Piano Player membership – and I couldn’t be more glad about that! I get a chance to give people SPECIFIC feedback based on their struggles and strengths with these pieces.

I created this video to help with some of the most common difficulties I see with these pieces. Check it out to simplify the process of learning a Chopin nocturne now!

Happy Practicing,


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