Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection in Piano

Updated: Mar 8

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown is a book that changed my life in many ways. (KEEP READING FOR A FREE PDF AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST). I could write an entire BOOK on how changed I am after reading this book. I am a SUPER FAN I listen to her podcast, ted talks, I have read all her books (except the newest one, which I’m excited to’s sitting on my table as we speak). I even founded Connection Experiment (alongside Stephanie), on some of the lessons I learned from reading her books and following her work. But instead of rambling endlessly about how amazing she and her work are, I will share with you the various ways in which Brene Brown’s wisdom translates to the process of learning, playing and performing at the piano in the video above.

There is PLENTY of negativity in the world. We are all hard enough on ourselves. So to go along with this video, I created a free, downloadable PDF of positive affirmations that you can use during your music practice, or really, anytime you need them. Print them out, screenshot them and make them the background on your phone, or use them however you see fit. Just click on the image for the PDF. Enjoy!


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