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It’s interesting being a piano teacher because while I do spend most of my time thinking about how to help my students and how to teach them, I also learn a TON from my students and I find that they often unknowingly hold up a mirror for me that I can’t look away from. I believe that good teachers are always asking themselves, ‘how can I be better?’

In asking myself this question, I’ve realized that I REALLY need to practice what I preach. Most of the things that I teach my students are things that I have done, and things that I do regularly. However, occasionally, something comes up and it is a reminder not only to my students but to me as well.

One of these things that I focus on often for my students, but also for myself, is this idea of remaining positive throughout the learning pro

cess. I don’t mean toxic positivity. There are definitely difficult parts of learning. Being vulnerable with music comes with challenges and negative feelings sometimes, AND it’s important to acknowledge all of that and not direct any of those challenging thoughts or negative feelings towards OURSELVES.

I see students often personalize mistakes, which can create so much mental and emotional baggage that it makes it almost impossible to learn. We (our students and/or ourselves) have to learn how to remain somewhat objective throughout our practice process, while acknowledging the difficulty, so that we can live the FULL experience of learning, and also keep our mind open to learning.

In the video above, I’m going to take you through 10 thought exercises for you to think about so that you can learn to focus on the positive while acknowledging the difficult things during your piano practice – which will ultimately make you more effective and efficient. Make sure that you download the FREE pdf in this post – it’s a beautiful workbook that has all of the questions I’m going to go over written out with space for you to write out your answers, reflections, and thoughts.

Reflection Journal for Affirmations
Download PDF • 201KB

1. 3 biggest strengths today. Write them down. Read them tomorrow before you practice.

It’s especially easy in the piano learning process to get stuck in the ‘what do I need to fix’ mindset. This allows us to point out errors, address them, and hopefully improve upon them. BUT – it’s equally important to acknowledge and celebrate the successes – the things that went well, and the things that you are doing really well with. Question number one will help you remember some of your strengths in music.

2. What was one of your favorite moments from your practice this week? Write it down in detail and read this page every day before you practice next week.

Sometimes practice can feel like a chore. It can be easy to get into a routine of practicing, forgetting that we can feel gratitude and joy when practicing. Question number 2 makes space for some of those thoughts.

3. What are your 2 favorite things about your musical self? These can be strengths, outlooks, tastes, or anything you like about yourself in relation to music.

If we spend time at the piano, we’re pianists. Embrace this title, embrace your strengths. Brag about yourself to yourself. Question number 3 will guide you to do this.

4. Why do you play music? Write it down and put this page on your piano so that each day you can be reminded of your why.

It’s incredibly important to know our ‘why.’ It can keep us motivated, remind us of why we play music, and help us to prioritize the thoughts, experiences, and paths we want to have and take with our music study.

5. What is one of your most positive memories related to music? Come up with a single word that reminds you of this memory. Repeat this word and think of this memory anytime you need to for encouragement.

Reminiscing about positive memories can be fun! We all need a boost now and then, and thinking about a positive musical experience can give us a boost that we need when we’re feeling low or struggling. Question 5 will help you explore some of these memories.

6. Do you believe that you can do what you’re trying to do? If not, why? What if you told yourself that you COULD do it? Try this each time you feel discouraged during your practice.

YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! What would it feel like if you knew you could do it? Reflect on question number 6 to help you feel the reality of this affirmation.

7. Sometimes when I’m practicing I feel ____________. If this feeling is negative, dig deeper and ask why. What if you changed something about your practice routine to mix it up so that the feeling could shift?

Why is a powerful question whenever we are trying to learn. We often ask why – but it can be especially powerful to ask why when we have negative feelings. When we explore the why behind our negative feelings, it can give those feelings a lot less power over us. Use question number 7 wherever you need it.

8. When was the last time you felt super focused in your practice? Can you start each practice session with the affirmation, “I can and will focus?”

If this affirmation doesn’t resonate with you, say it anyway. Fake it til you make it. :)

9. Do you consider your practice time to be time that’s just for you? If not, try shifting your thinking and use the affirmation, “I am grateful for this me time.”

Gratitude is a game changer. Expressing gratitude through words, writing, or thoughts can really change our relationship to our practice sessions. I encourage you to use question number 9 repeatedly, perhaps even daily, and see where it leads you and how it changes your thoughts and feelings about your practice sessions.

10. How often do you compare yourself to other musicians? Instead of comparing, try sending them good thoughts and then turning those good thoughts toward yourself. “They are playing very well. I can play well, too.”

Cheer yourself on! If my wording doesn’t resonate, choose a different wording and say it to yourself EVERY DAY!

I challenge you to work with these prompts for a few weeks and let me know what happens.

Happy Practicing!


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