Piano Practice Lab


Design a weekly practice routine that accelerates your progress consistently, and moves you beyond the notes to confident musical expression.

The first live training begins Monday, March 20th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

Playing your piece over and over will never lead to true musical expression.


This method robs you of your ability to play with depth. 


It’s time to make a change.


Piano Practice Lab


During this 4 day event you will discover the foundations of effective and efficient piano practice so accuracy, consistency, and musicality become inevitable


You will learn to structure your practice sessions to accelerate your trajectory towards your goals.


You will learn which practice methods amplify your results and which methods diminish your results.


It’s time to transform the way you practice to unveil the music inside of you.



The Details:

DATES: March 20, 21, 22, 23 

TIME: 10am PST each day

WHERE: Zoom (seats limited!)

REPLAYS: Limited Availability (details in confirmation email)


Day 1: The Path to Musicality

Learn which practice methods amplify your results and what methods diminish themI’ll share the most common mistakes I see and how to avoid them so that you don’t waste time with frustrating tactics that dont work.


Day 2: The Trajectory to Consistency

I’m going to show you how to create a practice routine that gives you consistency and sets you up for accuracy. The outline that you learn today will work regardless of your level or how much time you have to practice each day

Day 3: The Methods for Accuracy

Today I’ll show you the exact methods to use so you achieve accuracy in your piano playing. The practice methods that you use are the most important factor in your success (or frustration) when it comes to playing musically. 


Day 4: The Connection to the Music 

I’ll show you how to move beyond the notes to let the music inside of you shine and I’ll give you the exact steps you can take to magnify the results you got during Piano Practice Lab. The gold is in your ability to refine your routine and practice methods to fit your needs as you grow as a pianist. 

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