Do you ever wish your fingers could play the beautiful music you hear in your head?


During Piano Practice Lab you'll design the perfect routine to accelerate your results. 


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Dates: TBD early 2025

Playing your piece over and over will never lead to true musical expression.


This method robs you of your ability to play with depth and emotion, and it’s not your fault.


But like most adult piano players, it’s likely you’ve never been taught how to do this.


Let’s fix that.


Join me in the FREE 4 day class, Piano Practice Lab where you’ll learn how to:


Design a weekly practice routine that accelerates your progress consistently and moves you beyond the notes to confident, musical expression. 


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During Piano Practice Lab You Will:


Create a routine and structure that accelerate your trajectory towards confident, musical expression.


Discover the foundations of effective piano practice so accuracy and musicality become inevitable. 


Learn to choose only practice methods that amplify your results.

What if you had a practice routine that accelerated your progress consistently, and moved you beyond the notes to confident musical expression?

I totally get it. Years of practice left me frustrated with slow progress, unable to achieve the depth I craved in my piano playing.


Everything changed when I met an extraordinary college teacher with game-changing methods. Her simple, yet effective practice techniques transformed my playing.


I was playing less wrong notes and I was able to play with the level of expression and quality that I desired.


Having coached thousands of adult piano players, I now have a proven roadmap for giving you this transformation as well. You’ll learn all about it during Piano Practice Lab. 


I’ll see you there. 

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The Schedule:

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Day 1: The Path to Musicality

Learn which practice methods amplify your results and what methods diminish them. You’ll also learn the most common mistakes adult piano players make and how to avoid them so that you don’t waste time with frustrating tactics that don’t work.

Day 2: The Steps to Consistency

Learn how to create a practice routine that gives you consistency and sets you up for accuracy. The outline that you learn today will work regardless of your level or how much time you have to practice each day. 


Day 3: The Methods for Accuracy

Learn the exact methods to use so you achieve accuracy in your piano playing. The practice methods that you use are the most important factor in your success (or frustration) when it comes to playing musically.

They will literally make or break your hard work and effort. 

Day 4: The Connection to the Music 

Today we’ll be joined by a member of the Casual to Confident Piano Player program to discuss how you can move beyond the notes to let the music inside of you shine and I’ll give you the exact steps you can take to magnify the results you got during Piano Practice Lab. The gold is in your ability to refine your routine and practice methods to fit your needs as you grow as a pianist.

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Fix your piano practice problems for good by learning to practice smarter, not harder.

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