Piano Masterclasses

A masterclass is a chance for a pianist to perform, and then get feedback on their performance -- it’s essentially the best of both worlds when it comes to performing and having a piano lesson.

YouTube Piano Masterclass Series

Join me for the Piano Masterclass series on YouTube. Performers are invited to submit videos and receive constructive feedback on their performances in a safe, encouraging, and compassionate way. These videos are highly educational, and fun to watch, not only for the performers, but for anyone wanting to further their musical education or with an interest in music. If you are interested in submitting a video for the piano masterclass series on YouTube, please click the button and fill out the form. 

Piano Masterclass Membership

Join me as a performer of ANY level or as an audience member for for a LIVE piano masterclass each month. These masterclasses are exclusively for members. Members will be invited to perform during the class and constructive feedback will be given to the performers in a safe, encouraging, and compassionate environment, immediately following the performances. Just like the familiar feeling of the spontaneous magic that happens during a live performance in a concert hall, the dynamic energy of the performers, instructor, and audience members in the live masterclass is completely unique to each particular live masterclass event. Masterclasses create a wonderful opportunity to connect with other musicians, experience inspiration for your own musical journey, and receive productive and valuable feedback from a highly trained pianist.  Live masterclasses are capped at 5 members per class. 

Additional Member Benefits:

  • access to a private Facebook community for inspiration, feedback, and tips

  • weekly Live Q+A Sessions (members only)

  • email address for personal feedback and questions 1x per month

  • Current class meets second tuesday of the month from 6:30pm-7:30pm PST. Additional days and times will be added as needed.