How to Pick a Piano

Playing the piano, taking piano lessons, and creating music on a daily basic requires having an instrument at home. Practicing is an essential part of growing as a musician and creating music. 

The most important aspect of choosing a piano or keyboard is the quality of the instrument. A real piano is the very best option for piano study, and if budget is of concern, fear not! There are many options for affordable or even free, used pianos online. I recommend starting with local piano stores first, as they will be the most informative throughout the process and they sometimes offer things that you can’t find online (free first tuning, trade ins for older keyboards or pianos, etc). If you live in Oregon, I highly recommend Michelle’s Piano and Classic Piano. Tell them I referred you and you’ll get a little discount! 


If you’d like to look online, I recommend looking on Facebook marketplace, the Next-door App, or craigslist. You can find a TON of pianos available for any budget, and many times I see them for free.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a used piano:

1. Kind of piano--is the piano a grand or an upright/spinet? Grand pianos come in various sizes, but are , uprights and spinets are smaller. 

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