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One on One Lessons

It is a joy for us to foster creativity and confidence in our students. Students will leave their piano lessons with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Music is a lifelong journey, and therefore in lessons we will celebrate all of the successes, while also encouraging students to practice, focus, and be the best they can be. We ensure that each student receives a well-rounded musical education that includes an understanding and application of: note reading, rhythm, ear training, music history, music theory, various genres and styles of music, chord theory, group class opportunities, performance, festival, and competition opportunities (if desired), and anything else that the student requests for their lessons. We encourage students to do things that challenge them, while maintaining a respectful, compassionate, and supportive, online environment. ​


Lessons with Ashlee

Ashlee is a dynamic pianist and educator who leads people to find the excitement, passion and life force in music. She believes that music has the power to bring people together to recognize our shared humanity, if we let it.  Ashlee supports students in many ways including: one on one private lessons, group courses for adults, and through her YouTube Channel. Ashlee’s goal is to make classical music a less restrictive and exclusive space. This was the idea behind The Connection Experiment﹘a concert series that Ashlee co-founded with her colleague Stephanie Cooke. The concert series connects performers and audiences to music and each other by keeping the focus on humanity, emotion and education. Ashlee and Stehanie have expanded Connection Experiment and now offer group courses for adults as well as many pre recorded course options.

In the fall of 2020, Ashlee joined a group of like-minded pianists to work on a project titled, A Seat at the Piano﹘an advocacy group with a searchable database of piano works by composers forgotten in a history dominated by white men. A Seat at the Piano advocates for the inclusion, study, and performance of this more representative body of piano works. Ashlee has an extensive background in performance and competitions. She has placed in the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition, the Liberace Piano Competition, the VSA Arts International Young Soloist Award, the Coeur D’Alene Young Artist Competition, the Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras Competition, the State and Divisional Levels of the Music Teachers National Association, and went on to be one of only seven in the country to make it to the national level of the competition.  She has performed at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.  She currently resides in Oregon, where she performs, runs her private studio, creates content for her YouTube Channel and blog, and is the piano head at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus.


Lessons with Diane

Diane is a pianist and instructor and loves sharing the joy of music. She is a current student at Portland State University pursuing a degree in music.  Diane has been playing the piano since she was 14 years old and has been teaching since 2017. Diane currently teaches for Ashlee Young Music Studio and Play it Forward--a nonprofit that connects students with pianos and instructors. Diane teaches piano lessons to all ages and skill levels and currently has openings in her schedule! When Diane isn't practicing or teaching she enjoys reading novels and raising her chickens. Diane also likes to listen to contemporary composers like Yang Su Hyeok and Joe Hisashi.

Tracy Headshot 2.jpg

Lessons with Tracy

Tracy is a classical ballet instructor turned piano teacher.  She grew up studying ballet, music and the piano.  She was then accepted into the Royal Academy of Dance’s Teaching Certificate Program and graduated with a Teaching Certificate in Classical Ballet.  In addition to teaching ballet, her teacher’s training included the extensive study of music as it relates to dance, as well as kinesiology, world folk dance and music, modern dance, and other aspects of the performing and fine arts. 


She taught in and around the Portland area for several years, including leading the ballet program at the Multnomah Arts Center, and also teaching for June Taylor-Dixon.  She is a joyful arts advocate, and believes that even the youngest or most beginning student can learn to be expressive and musical.   


At the beginning of 2017 she decided to further her study of music and the piano, and over the next three years completed a variety of music classes at the college level and studied the piano and piano pedagogy with Ashlee Young at Portland Community College.  She also enjoys playing the Celtic harp and has a special interest in both music therapy and historical church music.  Tracy also enjoys cooking and gardening, and can frequently be found volunteering at a local dairy farm with her children.