$27.00 USD

Simplify Success | 5 Day Practice Challenge

If you:
❌ Struggle to learn a new piece…
❌ Make mistakes repeatedly or pause in your playing…
❌  Lack clarity on your practice time…
❌ Need an influx of inspiration and motivation into your piano world…
Simplify Success is for you.
By the end of the 5 days, you will be able to:
🔥 Have PRODUCTIVE practice sessions that are effective and efficient.
🔥 Play with more musicality, clarity, and depth.
🔥 Sound consistent and stop being interrupted by repeated mistakes.
What you'll get:
  • 5 videos with detailed instructions that will take you through the Revolutionary Practice Method called ‘Layering'
  • Each day in the video I will give you directions on exactly HOW to practice to get results
  • By the end of this 5 day challenge you will have a new Revolutionary Practice Method in your toolbox that you can use whenever you’d like to solve TONS of problems

Don’t miss out on this challenge that you’ll have access to FOREVER.