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When your purchase is made today you will receive a year access to the Casual to Confident Piano Player Program.



Group classes are recorded and any recordings you appear in can be used for promotional purposes, and are added to a digital library.


This digital library (Confidence on Demand) is sold as a separate product and included in Casual to Confident Piano Player. This means that videos that include you are viewable by others.


These recordings are also sometimes shared on Youtube, other social medial platforms, emails, and various digital platforms.


Any written feedback that you give about the program can be used for promotional purposes on social media, in emails, or any other virtual platforms. 


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The Group Classes

Come as you are, up to 2x a week, at your current level, to the LIVE group classes and discover the Casual to Confident Methods that will amplify your results and unveil the music inside of you.

Casual to Confident Vault

Videos and PDFs that help you discover how to Master the art of practicing so that you get results every time you sit down at the piano.

Confidence on Demand

A library of live class recordings that ensure you will never go without answers.

The Community

Learning in a community is the most effective way to make progress quickly, and the Casual to Confident Piano Player community is the best piano community in the world.

It’s time to transform the way you practice to unveil the music inside of you.