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You know what you WANT to sound like...


The beautiful dynamics and musicality flowing from your fingertips as you express yourself through your favorite piano piece...


But how do you get from where you are NOW, with accuracy issues, lack of fluidity, and repeated mistakes, to being able to play beautifully and expressively?


There are a LOT of ideas out there about what you can practice to get results.


But playing beautifully has very little to do with WHAT you practice...


And everything to do with HOW you practice.

In Confidence on Demand

You learn HOW to practice to address issues like:
  • inconsistent accuracy
  • rhythm troubles
  • lack of musicality 
And by watching others get coached on their playing, you learn EXACTLY which practice methods work to fix specific problems at the piano.
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Confidence on Demand

Play beautifully by learning how to practice smarter, not harder.

Most of your time spent at the piano is by yourself, regardless of your goals or how many lessons you have each week. What you do during practice matters. It matters so much, that it actually makes or breaks your ability to play beautifully.

You don’t need to commit a huge amount of time to your practice. It’s all about consistency and simplicity.

Inside Confidence on Demand, you will:

  • Develop the skill of diagnosing problems in your playing (through listening to others) and prescribing practice methods that fix those problems. 
  • Learn many different methods that will help you improve your rhythm, technique, musicality, mindset, practice routines, and sight reading.
  • Have access to inspiration, community, and solutions to your problems on YOUR timeframe, whenever you need it.

It’s time to elevate your musicality and make your goals your reality.



What Do You Get Inside?


Upon joining you instantly get LIFETIME access to:


A 45+ hour library of videos group classes with real adult piano players just like you that cover a range of topics including: practice motivation, rhythmic issues, piano technique lessons, musicality work, and so much more. 


You’ll watch students of all levels play pieces from all genres and see exactly how Ashlee helps them work through specific issues.


New videos every single week in the ever expanding library


Bonus content including practice challenges, workshops, and other live classes taught by Ashlee


This library of Confidence on Demand will ensure that you never go without answers.


These videos will leave you inspired and excited to jump into your practice with the new knowledge you’ve acquired. 


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I only joined a month ago, but I have been benefiting. I’ve learned the post it method for practicing and I feel I’m a little less anxious when playing for church. I am able to access the tutorials when I need guidance. I would recommend Confidence on Demand to others who struggle with anxiety, practicing, and confidence."

Sandy J.

I am seeing great progress by using the practice techniques such as going slow, counting out loud, metronome, etc. I’m feeling better about my future as a piano player. I know that you would benefit from it. It has given me renewed determination to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing the piano."

Billie M.



Have you ever felt like you’re missing something that everyone else seems to know?


Like no matter how hard you work, you are not able to express the deep meaning behind the music because you play too many wrong notes and make too many mistakes?


And do you want to learn at your own pace, without attending live classes or private lessons?


Or you’ve been wanting to join Casual to Confident Piano Player but it’s not in the cards right now?


If so, then Confidence on Demand is perfect for you.




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